Thursday, November 8, 2012

What Your Doctor Never Told You About Your Health...

What I'm about to share with you is information that you're doctor has probably never told you.

He's never told you this because quite frankly, he probably doesn't even know it himself.

The video that you'll see in a minute is from one of the world's leading medical doctors.

One of those doctors that does his know, keeping people healthy so that they stop having to see him all the time.

His name is Dr. Joel Fuhrman and he's about to share with you specific details on what you can do to ensure that you never get sick again.

And just as a warning...the information he shares about what most doctors know about health will shock you.

You don't want to miss this video. Check it out by going here.

This video is part of the Simply Raw Video Series that’s being shared with the public in an effort to get effective health information out leading up to World Diabetes Day on November 14th.

The video series also includes interviews with raw food expert David Wolfe, and Morgan Spurlock, whom you might know as the "Super Size Me" documentary filmmaker.

But for now, enjoy the video with Dr. Fuhrman!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Is Outdated Health Information Already Making You Sick?

Please read this entire e-mail, even if it makes you a little angry. It’s an example that will touch every life of
every person reading this.

I don’t know if you or anyone you know has ever had an ulcer, but anyone with an ulcer should be grateful to have it now and not before 1993.

That’s because before 1993, the medical community believed most ulcers were caused by stress.

But they were dead wrong, and only 1 out of 11 ulcer sufferers ever got relief...and even worse, were treated with dangerous antacids.

But then an obscure Australian physician named Berry Marshall figured out in 1985 that most ulcers were actually the result of bacterial infections. 

And with a simple antibiotic treatment, he was able to cure over 9 out of 11 people. And again, this information was published in 1985.

But, even with overwhelming proof. The medical establishment did not endorse his treatment until 1993...8 YEARS LATER.

And this is how it still works; proven solutions take years before your doctor knows about it.

Do you feel like waiting 8 years to find a solution to your health challenges?

Are you willing to accept dangerous out-of-date treatments?

Is receiving the wrong advice about what works for fat loss, anti-aging, menopause, pain relief, and cognitive decline OK with you?

Well it’s sure not OK with me, and at last, I don’t have to live with it anymore and you don’t have to either.

Introducing The Future of Health Now 2012. I know this message has been kind of long so I will get to the point.

A group sponsored by Whole Foods Market has put together a community where the top pioneers in health have come together to give you the solutions of tomorrow (think of the ulcer treatment in 1985) TODAY.

The original expert team they put together comes from laboratories and medical centers like NASA, Harvard, Cambridge and Stanford.

Beginning in August they are going to allow a certain number of people to join this community where people just like you and I will have access to health solutions that work TODAY...all research is based on true advances that are scientifically proven and demonstrated to work.

As a member of this community, you are getting even better access to cutting-edge research-based health solutions than the rich, famous, and influential currently have.

So if you don’t want to be left behind, or suffer from out-of-date treatments and solutions that might be making you sick, I think it is a no-brainer to give it your complete consideration.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Can Science Really Reverse Aging and Shrink Your Waistline?

Yes, a pretty crazy headline...

But I was just exposed to a group of over 20 scientists, doctors, and thought leaders that just might have these answers.

And if you keep reading, you will find that you can also have access to this information at zero cost.

Here's why this is so important, actually important enough for Whole Foods Market to sponsor it (yes THAT Whole Foods).

Here is just some of what I learned in a special pre-screening of this information:

1. Your brain shrinks with every pound of bodyfat you gain

2. There is a nutrient that costs just pennies a day which can prevent and reverse most diseases we have...and almost all of us are deficient in it!

3. How to actually reverse the cognitive decline that we all assume comes with aging.  This one blew my mind.

4. A simple device you hold in the palm of your hand that gets better results than dangerous blood pressure medications. And get this, this information was published in the Harvard Newsletter.

Now these are just a couple of things I learned at a pre-screening of a virtual event that is being held in early July.

And the best part is that all the information is evidence-based.

Meaning it is based on solid scientific discoveries from laboratories and medical centers like NASA, Harvard, Cambridge and Stanford.

URGENT: This Event Starts Is Happening Now.

So you need to sign up for the FREE information RIGHT NOW if you don’t want to miss anything.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why Organic Is NOT ALWAYS Your Best Source of Foods

I know you’re busy, but I have to give you access to a no-cost, online health interview series before it is too late.

I was able to get a sneak preview and here is just a sampling of what you will learn:

* A better source of fruits and vegetables than organic.

* A simple proven device you hold in the palm of your hand that gets better results than dangerous blood pressure medications. 

* Certain spices that can literally undo genetic damage, even genetic issues caused by your parents.

Just so you know, these solutions come from interviews with 20 of the leading health and medical experts of our time.

And they are based on discoveries from laboratories and medical centers like NASA, Harvard, Cambridge and Stanford.

I would get this information while there is still no charge.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Secret Brain Bellyfat Connection

Want to know a crazy fact?

Your brain shrinks with every pound of bellyfat you gain.

And what’s more, did you know that a quick way to know if your brain is healthy is to look at your skin?

A study of over 8,000 people revealed that saggy skin and eye bags are a direct reflection of the condition of your brain.

Don’t worry, it turns out that most brain issues are completely reversible with simple dietary changes.

Where did I learn this?

I learned this (and so much more) in a special pre-screening of an online event being held in early July.

* Reverse Aging and Shrink Your Waistline *

This is really just a fraction of what I learned in this no-cost online event where a group of over 20 scientists, doctors, and thought leaders from places like NASA, Harvard, Cambridge and Stanford shared discoveries that seem like they are from the future, but exist now.

I am not the only one excited. After previewing the event, Whole Foods Market decided to sponsor it (yes THAT Whole Foods).

Here is some other information I learned in this pre-screening:

1. There is a nutrient that costs just pennies a day which can prevent and reverse most diseases we have...and almost all of us are deficient.

2. There is a simple device you hold in the palm of your hand that gets better results than dangerous blood pressure medications. And get this, this information was published in the Harvard Newsletter.

3. That stretching is actually BAD for you. Once you hear it you will be convinced as well...there is a whole new way we should all be moving.

4.  In what seems like science fiction, some of the choices you make can actually damage the DNA of your offspring (and there are certain foods that can undo this damage).

Now these are just a couple of things I learned.

And the best part is that all the information is evidence based.

This is not woo woo, it is all real.

If you have any health concerns or just know you could make your health even better, then you owe it to yourself. I think it is a no-brainer.

Sign up for "The Future Of Health" event NOW.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Top Foods To Keep You Young

Most of us are keen to stay looking as fresh and young as possible, and although there's no way to pause or turn back the clock, there are few age-proof strategies we can employ to make sure we stay looking good. Maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet is one approach, and the good news is that there are some foods that are thought to give you extra ammunition when it comes to combating the signs of aging.

Green tea: There is no end to the benefits of this super drink; green tea boasts a wealth of benefits that earns it the top spot in our anti-aging food list. Green tea is believed to help regulate blood pressure, lower blood sugar, boost the immune system, lower cholesterol and studies have even shown that green tea can be effective at preventing cancer. That's as close to the elixir of life as you can get.

Leafy greens: Whilst eating spinach won't be enough to turn you into Popeye, it's certainly excellent for boosting the body's immunity from illness. Spinach and other leafy foods like kale and collard are high in folate which is vital in preventing DNA and blood vessel damage. If you can maintain a healthy circulatory system you are reducing your risk of developing conditions such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease and dementia.

Dark chocolate: Who would have thought this sweet treat would feature in an anti-aging list, but the good news is chocolate can help fight against some signs of aging due to its cocoa content. Cocoa is rich in a group of antioxidants called Flavinoids which help preserve healthy function of the blood vessels. And healthy youthful circulatory system lowers risk of high blood pressure, type II diabetes, kidney disease and dementia. Don't go overboard though, a square a day is a good guide and make sure you go for the over 70 per cent cocoa bars.

Soy products: Soy products: Like fish, soy products such as tofu are also a great alternative source of protein than red meat or even dairy, since they have little or no saturated fat. A diet that's low in saturated fat will reduce your risk of developing heart disease and lower blood pressure. As a staple part of the Japanese diet, soy products are great at helping keep down cholesterol and are a useful addition to a healthy diet.

Yogurt: Judging from their frequently bad press, you might assume that all forms of bacteria are out to get you. Thankfully, this couldn't be further from the truth. 'Good' bacteria is great for regulating the immune system, by increasing its antibodies and preventing the rise of pathogenic organisms like salmonella and E.coli. Many yoghurts include a high volume of 'good' bacteria that help maintain gut health and diminish the incidence of age-related intestinal illness. Yogurt is also rich in calcium, which can help stave off osteoporosis.

Red wine: A glass of red wine adds up a good dose of anti-aging elements including polyphenol antioxidants, minerals, and resveratrol. Resveratrol which helps to increase 'good cholesterol' levels in the body and prevents blood clotting and a healthy circulatory system. Resveratrol found in red wine may also be beneficial for women during the menopause by reducing the risk for conditions for example breast cancer and osteoporosis that result from reduced oestrogen levels. Like the chocolate, it's not carte blanche to guzzle as much as you want; we suggest a standard glass every other day is a good approach.

Water: Few people — whether active or not — drink sufficient water, and side effects of even slight dehydration include headaches, fatigue and low concentration levels. Yet increasing fluid intake can increase energy levels, aid digestion, give skin a boost and help boost your anti-aging armory. Concentrate on drinking little and often throughout the day, being extra vigilant after exercise or when you've been confined in a dry, overheated or air-conditioned environment.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The incredible secret to Eternal Youth

The Ageless Secrets
Here's something amazing I just found out...

Somewhere in the world, there exists a nation of people who live to be 120 to 140 years old.

Imagine that!

The people of this nation do not suffer from the ailments that prematurely kill the modern man.

Obesity, cancer, heart attacks, and other diseases are relatively unheard of in their society, because virtually none of them ever suffer from such diseases.

Men from this nation are straight, tall, broad-shouldered, deep-chested, slim-waist, heavy legged and have full heads of hair.

They remain virile well into their golden years, fathering children at age 100 or even older.

The women are straight, tall, slim-waisted, have well developed bosoms, perfect complexions, and luxuriant hair.

Women aged 80 look like American women of 40.

Learn how they do it here.

Men and women nearly 100 years old have perfect health, teeth, eyesight, and mental faculties.

It sounds like such a fantastical tale, doesn’t it?

But such miracles do exist, and this nation of “immortals” is undisputedly real.

These are the people of Hunza, located in West Pakistan, just 18 miles south of the border of what used to be the U.S.S.R.

This amazing civilization was chronicled in detail in an extensive series of articles in National Geographic, back in the 70s, by one Dr. Alexander Leaf.

And here’s the great news: You don’t need to brave the elements, or mountainous terrains to get access to the same secrets that the Hunza have kept to themselves for centuries.

Because the secret to eternal youth is right here!

Imagine if you could:

- Discover the long sought-after secret of the Hunza Valley for yourself, and attain the incredible powers of youth and vitality for yourself!

- Reduce risk of heart failure by 65%...and you won't have to stop eating the foods you love! All from using 1 simple technique that's been proven to improve artery health and reduce hypertension and stress.

- Kiss fatigue goodbye! Energy drinks can be more harmful to your health than you realize. Master ancient techniques that you fill you with MORE vitality and energy than any "power drink" can.

- Add 40 years to your life just from eating 1 secret food that can be found in your kitchen right now.

And much more...

Yes, it's all possible with this. Watch this video and learn how today!